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Great tax talent is hard to come by, which is why we like to celebrate ours. Here are the stories of our Grad’s most recent exam successes.

Faith Ross

Following her successful exam result, Faith is now a fully qualified Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA), having already qualified as a Chartered Accountant (ACA) seventeen months ago. She is the first Claritas graduate to achieve either qualification, paving the way for several others following behind her. Faith comments “I have been supported all the way by the company who have given me the time to study in addition to taking the time to explain concepts to make the process as easy as possible.”

Faith continues “I have successfully completed 18 exams in the last 4 years to get me to this point which, on top of working full time has required persistence and determination and is easily the hardest thing I have undertaken. However, the qualifications are very well respected within the tax and accounting professions and it is a huge personal achievement to have them under my belt.”

Natalie Tran and Samuel Giles


They both recently passed the ACA Professional Level exams they took in December which were the final ones they had to take for this level. There is now only the Advanced Level left for them to get the ACA (Chartered Accountant) qualification. However, before they do that, they are starting the first paper for the CTA qualification next week.  They have about 6 more exams to go until they can say they are both ACA and CTA qualified and they’re aiming to get that done within the next two years.

Faye Jacklin

Faye passed her final ACA Certificate Level exam in December 2019 and will shortly begin studying for her first two ACA Professional Level exams. She still has 8 ACA and 3 CTA exams to pass until she will be both ACA and CTA qualified; She is aiming to complete these in the next three years.

Elliott Morrell​

Elliott recently passed his last two ACA Advanced Level exams, which he took in November 2019; these were the final ones he had to take at this level. There is now only one ACA Professional Level exam for Elliott to pass for him to become ACA qualified, which he aims to achieve by mid-April 2020.

Last, but by no means least…

Brandon Laroiya-McCarron

After beginning in September, Brandon has passed three ACA Certificate level exams and has attained over 70% in all of them. He hopes to continue with this success in the rest of his exams and comments, “I am very grateful for all of the help I have received from the graduates above, they have provided me with advice, encouragement and help whenever I required it. There is a strong and growing graduate community at Claritas where we celebrate our exam successes, and I look forward to the time when we are all fully qualified.” Brandon has another three exams of this level to go before moving on to his ACA Professional level.

Iain Wright, Managing Director added “We took a decision 4½ years ago to invest in training graduates and I’m delighted at the success that all six of our trainees have enjoyed over that period.  They have all proven themselves through their exam successes and through their contribution to the services provided to our clients and I look forward to working with them and watching them develop for many years to come.  Training and development is a key aspect of what we do at Claritas and I am excited that our graduate training programme will continue with the arrival of our next two graduate trainees this summer.”

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