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Transforming customs for the future of trade

The complexity of moving goods in and out of the UK can be a mind field and our global trade is continuously changing and doing so at a fast pace. Without the right advice, organisations face the challenge of making errors on customs declarations, paying unnecessary costs and become reluctant to develop their international trade strategy.

There is greater scrutiny of international imports and exports, which can be costly and complex when trying to navigate through the legislative infrastructure. All companies must ensure compliance and remain resilient whilst balancing costs, to ensure they remain sustainable as well as profitable. Our customs service is your one-stop shop to support you successfully in navigating through all the requirements.

Our Approach

David Hooper, our experienced customs consultant will be on hand, who will work with you to not only ensure you are compliant with HMRC but also to help you develop processes and procedures that can improve your overall strategy in international trade.

We are committed to understanding your individual needs and delivering outstanding client service. We will ensure that our customs duty provider will bring a fresh perspective to your business.

We are not your standard customs provider; we can help address all business needs with end-to-end support. David has over 25 years of experience in customs, international trade, supply chain, international logistics working with businesses both large and small, focusing on practical issues.


Our service is tailored made to your needs, and competitively priced.

Our key services

Tailor-made training focusing on your companies imports and exports

Customs consultancy and audits to ensure your business is HMRC compliant

Specific support and advise to help determine issues such as country of origin.

Development of customs and transport procedures to help you business operationally

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Iain Wright



Iain is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor with over 25 years’ experience in the tax profession. Iain established Claritas Tax in 2012 and leads their Birmingham office. I love talking to clients about their businesses, solving problems and helping them take advantage of opportunities. Whilst tax should not drive commercial decision-making, tax is at the heart of so many commercial projects, from where to locate a factory to whether to buy or sell a business, as well as how to incentivise staff. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to influence the way business works for the better and I love the intellectual challenge that brings. I’m never happier than when standing with a whiteboard demonstrating how something can be solved, but that may just be the result of having two teachers for parents!

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