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The UK’s R&D Tax Relief regime is one of the world’s most successful state aids, providing much needed financial stimulus to support innovation across multiple sectors and industries.

We’ve built a team with extensive experience of dealing with tax relief claims, who are well-equipped to assist claimant companies to identify qualifying activities and costs. Claims for relief will result in a cash benefit either in the form of a reduced corporation tax liability or a repayable cash credit, if loss-making.

We’re also well-versed in preparing successful Patent Box claims which can potentially enable a business to apply an effective corporation tax rate of 10% on profits derived from a qualifying patent.

Our approach

Our innovation tax team works closely with you to create a tailored approach to building your R&D and Patent Box claims. Our approach is to get to know your business and its development processes, so that we have a fuller understanding of the nature of your R&D activities and the appropriate costs to claim for. We know you have a business to run, so whilst we’re thorough, we’re also pragmatic.

We’ve developed a robust claim methodology and we have regular interactions with HMRC’s dedicated Innovation Relief team.

We have a proven track record of producing value for our clients, whilst managing the administrative burden of claiming relief, which has helped us build a loyal, recurring client base.

Our key services

Preparation of the support for your R&D Tax Relief claim

Workshops and training for your technology leaders to understand R&D Tax Relief

Reviewing your own R&D Tax Relief calculations and documentation

Patent Box Relief

Creative Industry Tax Reliefs

Innovation Reliefs due diligence

HMRC enquiries concerning Innovation Relief claims

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Key Contact

David Nolan

Associate Partner


I’ve been working with clients helping them with their tax affairs for over 20 years. I spent my first seven years in a Big Four firm before venturing out into the big wide world to gain more experience in winning work, building teams, and continuing to build client relationships. That’s how I ended up helping to establish Claritas as the business it is today. I’m a fixer; if there’s a problem to solve, I can’t resist.

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Our clients say

Claritas have secured us in excess of £7million in R&D tax credits, enabling us to develop our turbine technology and the production processes, ready for full scale manufacture. Their input into the R&D process has been invaluable.

–   David Roberts, CFO
Bladon Micro Turbines

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