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Interested in understanding a little more about a tax issue affecting you or your business? In this section our team share their thoughts, ideas and views on a wide range of topical, tax related subjects, currently making the news.

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Innovation Reliefs
24 September 2021

This included a director claiming that the Patent Box had been abolished in 2016. Although this was an extreme example, it illustrated a trend for companies to be unaware of…

Innovation Reliefs
23 September 2021

Although this isn’t quite the case, it’s impossible to sum up a single day working in R&D as most, if not all, claims are not completed in a day. I…

Private Client
21 September 2021

However, Family Investment Companies (“FICs”) might also be affected, and there are planning opportunities and investment strategies that could be pursued by families to ensure that profits continue to be…

Corporate and International Tax
7 September 2021

Top of the Chancellor’s pops has been the widely accepted notion that capital gains tax was on the hit list, given the rates are lower than income tax rates, and…

Corporate and International Tax
6 September 2021

If we had a penny for every time we said: “deals are taking so much longer to get over the line”, we’d have a stash of pennies in the piggybank!…

Corporate and International Tax
2 September 2021

Business Asset Gift Relief is available to defer the capital gain on gifts of qualifying business assets between parties through a joint election. Its effect is to defer the Capital…

Private Client
4 August 2021

HMRC have recently concluded what they describe as research into the use of FICs by the Family Investment Company team, and concluded that there is no need for a specialist…

Innovation Reliefs
2 August 2021

Whilst there is no change to the Patent Box qualification criteria, there is a major change to the treatment of IP income and taxable profit under the rules. Whereas a…

Private Client
18 August 2021

The rules generally apply to all sole traders and also to members of general partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships (“LLPs”) and will have an impact on anyone who does not…

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