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Interested in understanding a little more about a tax issue affecting you or your business? In this section our team share their thoughts, ideas and views on a wide range of topical, tax related subjects, currently making the news.

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Innovation Reliefs
24 April 2024

R&D tax relief continues to serve as a powerful incentive for businesses to invest in innovation, however, successfully navigating the complexities of the R&D tax relief regime to ensure the…

Corporate and International Tax
22 April 2024

There may be times when the UK interest expense of a UK company or group increases to above £2m and therefore, as a result, the CIR rules should be considered….

15 April 2024

I’ve been always been fascinated by the difference between cakes, biscuits and confectionery and had the pleasure of being part of the team that helped Tunnocks and Lees of Scotland…

Innovation Reliefs
3 April 2024

Whilst Advance Assurance is not a prerequisite for an R&D tax relief claim, if the application is accepted by HMRC, it does guarantee that the claim will be accepted by…

28 March 2024

Anyone with a passing interest in corporation tax will be aware that there has been an increase in HMRC’s ‘compliance activities’ focusing on R&D claims.  HMRC are using a range…

Innovation Reliefs
14 March 2024

In October 2023, HMRC published guidance in the form of a checklist of steps that it expects a company to take before claiming R&D tax relief. No guarantee is given…

7 March 2024

The Chancellor has increased the current £85,000 VAT threshold to £90,000, claiming that this is designed to support businesses and sole traders which often put off growth due to the…

4 March 2024

Going through a deal is an all consuming process. Understanding the business, carrying out the due diligence, working out what you are willing to pay and negotiating all the little…

Corporate and International Tax
20 February 2024

One method of migration is for an existing holding company or company to cease to be tax resident in one country and become tax resident in another. A UK incorporated…

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