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It has been a very busy time at Claritas Tax with a number of new recruits joining its ranks over the last few months. Their latest recruit is Debi Osborne, who joins the tax consultancy as Practice Manager.

We decided to spend ‘five minutes with’ Debi in her first week with Claritas, getting to know her a little bit more and understanding what she’ll be bringing to her role with the business. Debi, thanks for taking time out of your first week to chat to us, hopefully this won’t feel too much like another job interview!

You’re a highly experienced Office/Practice Manager having worked across a number of different sectors in recent years. What bought you into the world of tax and Claritas? 

Above anything else, it was Claritas’ reputation and their professional culture which attracted me the most. I have always had a hand in finance and accounts with previous roles I have worked in, so the world of tax didn’t scare me. I was also drawn to Claritas putting the human side of tax at the forefront of everything they do – this is refreshing. I’m also excited by the ambition Claritas has to grow over the next few years. I have been fortunate to have experience of business growth from start-up companies through to international trading, and all the bits in between, so felt this role would allow me to utilise some of the knowledge I have gained over the years.

You also spent a significant amount of time working in mental health services at the beginning of your career. What did these years teach you and do you apply any of those learnings to your work now?  

I’ve always been the confidante or the person to go-to for a chat, and my early experiences working in mental health services within the NHS, have helped solidify this ‘role’ I suppose. Having an awareness of those around you, understanding how they are feeling and being able to have open conversation are often key to supporting colleagues and preventing a situation from escalating. I have always found coffees with no agenda or a walk with someone is invaluable for building their trust, and so simple to achieve.

Given where we are with Covid, and with us all having to adapt to a new way of working and living, it’s no surprise that anxiety, worry and stress have been heightened. Employers have a duty of care to their employees to create a supportive and healthy environment for their employees – it’s the right thing to do. Claritas has a hugely supportive, communicative, open and honest culture which I am keen to embrace and enhance.

I really feel one of the positives to come out of a tragic situation this year, has been the ‘Be Kind’ slogan – we never really know the extent of the struggles people are dealing with, so why not just ‘Be Kind’.

What three attributes will you bring to your role at Claritas

Gosh, it is always so hard talking about yourself, isn’t it? I think I would have to choose: Engagement, Enthusiasm and Positivity.

I appreciate it’s not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, yet I’m super enthusiastic about compliance. – there I said it!

Having everything correct, in the right place and adaptable to changes, of which there have been many this past year, is hugely important. Having a business which is able to adapt and react in a timely and effective manner really does have a positive impact on everyone from its employees through to its clients. The government has certainly kept the world of tax busy over the last six to eight months and being able to communicate these changes to our clients and stakeholders has been really important throughout the pandemic. I’m proud that Claritas are front runners in change communication, doing it in a simple and refreshing way.

Final question Debi, What do you like to do outside of work, at the weekends – when allowed? 

I try to work, rest and play in equal measures. We talk a lot about work/life balance, so I feel it important to look after my physical and mental well-being and set an example to my grown-up children. I like to go fishing, not just for the catch but to be in the great outdoors relaxing and witnessing nature at its best. Fishing holidays in France are my favourite for both the weather and the wine.

Throughout the pandemic I have been delivering medications and assisting in the ‘Here to Help’ programme for Worcestershire, along with organising our socially distanced ‘Christmas light switch on’ for my community.

My biggest passion is for Welsh Rugby, watching from the comfort of my home. When they are playing, I can be seen singing the anthem, pacing the floor, shouting at the screen, whilst wearing my red rugby shirt with pride. Many years ago, I was a keen runner but now I much prefer hiking and I cannot wait to visit Snowdonia again in my home country of Wales.

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