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This week we’re speaking to Des Lekerman, CEO of TiG Data Intelligence, an award-winning Cloud Transformation, Data Analytics, and Managed Service provider.

We’re chatting to Des about a number of different topics to understand more about TiG, its ambitions and looking ahead to 2021, to understand what the future holds for the company.

Des, thanks for joining us and taking time out of your busy schedule, we’re looking forward to discussing the challenges you’ve faced over the last six months, as well as looking forward to the coming months and what they may hold for TiG.

Des Lekerman TIG

Firstly, how has the last six months been? TiG is a cloud-based service provider, so I would think you’ve coped quite well during Covid?

Yes, thanks, interesting question. Covid has been unfortunate for everyone and caught us all totally unaware. As you have already said, TiG is a cloud-based service provider, we work closely with Microsoft, so we were well prepared with all our applications and data already in the Microsoft cloud.

Our activity has been focused on making sure our customers are well prepared for a full remote working scenario and that’s what we’ve delivered. A number of clients were already in the process of establishing their digital transformation plans, whereas others have really had to accelerate their plans and almost modernise their processes overnight.

I think it is worth pointing out that we’ve all had to adapt, and we’ve all embraced Zoom and Teams calls on a daily basis, however, what we provide is a fully integrated service package – which offers full collaboration within Microsoft Teams. We’ve had to adapt our approach slightly as well, pre-Covid we would have had time on our side for a transformation project however, we have had to speed that up and bring prepacked digital solutions to the market – solving the problem in the shortest time possible!

Going back to your initial question, I think we have definitely been more productive and more efficient the last six months, although our team has missed that face to face physical interaction, we have this made this up with regular on-line social events. We have a number of junior members of the team who have been impacted the hardest through all of this. They would ordinarily have been buddied up with another member of the team, who would be supporting them with their ‘on the job’ learning. We have obviously tried to tackle this online, but it just isn’t the same as being there and experiencing it first-hand.

So, we’ve seen tech boom over the last few months. How has TiG harnessed these advances and what can we expect to see coming from TiG in the coming months?

I think firstly, all of our attitudes have changed. We’re embracing the work/life balance a lot more – albeit we haven’t really had a choice in the matter! I think being able to step away from the ‘rat race’ and spend more time with our families has helped everyone at TiG realign and refocus on what needs to be done going forward.

As with many employers, we will address whether we all need to be spending so much time commuting in and out of the City, to sit in an office all day. Working from home brings so many more benefits. We are, however, really mindful of the impacts this has on our younger members of the team, as I’ve already mentioned, it’s these colleagues who need to be working alongside a mentor, learning from them – it is going to be a delicate balance.

TIG Office staff

So, we’re always hearing about the importance of data and interpreting it to be able to successfully grow a business – how does TiG tackle this and what makes it different from its competitors?

You’re right data is invaluable to any business, it can tell you everything you ever need to know about how your business is functioning, what your customers are telling you and where you need to make positive changes to benefit that business.

TiG, are all about protecting, managing and securing data I’ve already mentioned we’re a trusted Microsoft partner, working really closely with their teams to ensure our digital platforms offer the customer the tailored solutions to their needs.

It’s not unusual to find CFO’s and CEO’s approaching data analytics by opening a spreadsheet which was jam packed with a jumble of data and then making a uninformed decision because they are looking at data that’s not representative of their business!

Many of our customers have tried to embark on the data journey before using a traditional approach to data and have been confused by unnecessary complexities. What we have managed to solve at TIG is to provide a platform which interprets their data into understandable metrics, all on a dashboard designed for their own needs, not rehashed and made to fit from previous work.

We carry out most of our work in the mid-market, working with mid-size companies. It’s these companies who are often priced out of the market and need the most support. I’m really proud that TiG is able to offer them a flexible data solution for their needs.

It’s a bit of a cliché, but at TiG we’re all about the relentless pursuit of success for our customers – making sure we’re doing the best we can for them. We pride ourselves on our customer care and we’re always looking at ways to innovate and make it better for the end user.

To find out more about TiG Data Intelligence, visit their website –

Twitter: @TIGCloudService

LinkedIn: /the-internet-group

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