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Our offering to support in-house tax teams

We recognise that Heads of Tax have different service needs from those required by groups which have no in-house expertise. We also understand that no two Heads of Tax have identical requirements.

Some will have the resources to provide a full day-to-day service to their business and will only require support on specific specialised projects, whereas others will be resource-constrained and may benefit from outsourcing of corporate compliance work, for example, enabling scarce in-house resources to be directed towards value-added projects.

If you are a Head of Tax, whether in a standalone role or leading a team, we have the depth and breadth of experience and expertise to support you, as you would expect. But we also have the flexibility to deliver precisely the help you need as and when you need it, without tying you into overly formalised arrangements requiring you to pay for services you don’t need. Our philosophy of focused and personalised service also means that our work will be joined up and will be delivered by people with the right level of experience and expertise for each project.

We are happy to invest time in building relationships and learning about your business. We don’t do timesheets and we aim to work to fixed fees wherever possible. We recognise that being an in-house Head of Tax can sometimes be a lonely job, so you don’t need to worry about the meter running every time you need a “what-if” phone call which may or may not lead to a project.

Maximising the total value of your tax funtion

We know that Heads of Tax and their teams have a long to-do list, including projects that are not directly related to the day-to-day business of their organization. For those of you who are a tax team of 1, this is especially acute given you may be working on finance and legal matters as well.

Governance and risk, communications, talent, compliance: if you are resource-constrained, these projects can often be relegated to the bottom of the pile yet they are the foundation of delivering on your tax function’s mandate over the medium-long term. We can help you execute on these matters in a practical and cost-effective manner, and free up your time to concentrate on those issues which are directly relevant to your business stakeholders right now. No matter the size of your business or your team – the issues are the same – we can help you with the following:

Tax Strategy, Governance, and Risk – authoring or reviewing your tax risk management or tax governance framework and the associated documentation, or advising on the appropriate risk parameters to fit your organization’s views on risk.

Internal Reporting – designing relevant metrics for reporting on tax matters to the CEO, CFO, or founder, or authoring a tax risk report for management consumption.

Team and Talent Management – designing a practical tax talent program to grow your tax function (including providing advice on development opportunities for individual team members) or coaching Heads of Tax who are starting out in their roles or tackling a new area for the first time.

Tax Technology – designing a technology platform that meets your specific needs and helping you to choose the most appropriate method – internal or external – to achieve that platform.

Business Planning – setting the vision for your team over a time period that makes sense for you, with clear, actionable, prioritized goals which are set in line with yours and your organization’s wider vision and objectives.

Strategic Communications – delivering a tax-focused program of information relevant to the C-suite or your entrepreneurial founder, or building your team’s internal brand via timely and relevant internal training for the non-tax members of your organization.

Government Relationships and Advocacy – helping to navigate the relevant governmental systems to ensure your voice is heard during consultation processes on the areas that matter most to you.

Project Management – to ensure timely and cost-conscious implementation of your projects; and

Ad-Hoc Advice to help you answer questions – such as “Here is my problem so what do I do?”

We will work with you to a) diagnose the issue, b) strategize and design a response, c) author or review any required documentation, d) assist in implementing any necessary projects or processes, and e) test/validate the outcomes of the projects.

Our passion is to help you create a best-in-class team which is equipped with the right resources to add value to your business in all areas.

If this sounds like the type of support you need, please get in touch. Our services to Heads of Tax are led by Guy Kendall (  07966 611363), who spent 10 years in-house including 6 years as a Head of Tax at RAC during his 30-year tax career. He is supported by Ruth Woolmer, former Head of Tax at GIC, a Singaporean sovereign wealth fund ( +1 416 303 0607).

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