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Sarah Scala, Associate Partner and Head of Tax Dispute Resolution


My favourite professional memory was the moment I realised I could lead my own Tax Dispute Resolution business, which came in 2018. I was in London having lunch with two partners of a London Law firm, the Partner of my own team and a colleague of ours who was based in London. I was the youngest, most junior person around the table and the only female, yet I had established the relationship with the Senior Partner, initially contacting him through Linked In in response to an article of his I had read. As we sat around the table, I felt that everyone there cared about what I had to say and I was proud to have been responsible for bringing the two firms together to discuss how we could develop the relationship and cross refer opportunities.

My favourite holiday was to Bologna in Italy. It epitomised the unspoken parenting mantra that my husband and I abide by, which is basically not to let the fact we have children dictate our activities. Our trip to Bologna was only for three nights. We stayed in a bed and breakfast and had a small room with any extra space around the bed taken up by our daughter’s travel cot. Whenever I am in Italy, I want to spend as little time in my room as possible. I love nothing more than getting an early flight to Italy and being able to drop luggage off and be out in the city by midday. We explored the city for over twelve hours each day, ate delicious food and experienced the Carnival, most famous in Venice but going on in other Italian cities in February too.

My favourite Netflix show must be Emily in Paris. The first series got me through my second period of maternity leave during the pandemic and I was delighted to hear of the second series. I am in awe of Emily’s style, which can absolutely rival that of Carrie Bradshaw. The show combines so many things that are important to me, Language, Culture, Ambition and Fashion.

My favourite way to unwind is through yoga. Pre pandemic I didn’t even have WIFI at home as when I wasn’t at work, the last thing I wanted to do was be “connected”. With working from home, WIFI is now a must and I have embraced the ways in which it can enrich my private life. I try to do a daily yoga workout on YouTube and am a huge fan of Yoga with Adriene. Adriene has produced yoga for every type of mood so there is no excuse not to work out. There is Cosy Yoga, Slow and Gentle Yoga, Bedtime Yoga and of course the more traditional vinyasa flows too.

My favourite thing to come out of the pandemic is the relationships I have built with others in the same line of work as me. Working from home and the increased value of social media, particularly Linked In, has I believe made us more visible to each other. I am enjoying the relationships I have with my fellow professionals and am hugely grateful for their support as I develop and grow the Tax Dispute Resolution service offering for Claritas Tax.

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